Original - 100% Arabica Coffee - Intensity 10



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ORIGINAL - 100% Arabica Coffee. Intensity 10 - Café Copium® Perfectly balanced with a beautiful light nutty aroma. Full-bodied, dark roasted, sweet, smooth, creamy and robust. Reminiscent of the Cuban flavors prior to the 1950’s. Painstakingly perfected using four 100% intense Arabica beans. A comfortable blend that can be enjoyed numinous times throughout the day. Being served at many locations as a local’s favorite. A perfect 10! Both brands, Cafés De Cuba & Cocaína Cubana, all have a unique profile and are on the strong intensity levels of 9 to 12. The aromas are rich. Tasting notes are bold, smooth, low acidity and full bodied. Some have hints of bitterness creating a coffee experience with power and punch.

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