Meet Me At The Met! Ring



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Meet Me At The Met! Ring
Meet Me At The Met! Ring

Black tie affair worthy! Buttt make it Street elite for everyday wear. 14 karat gold dipped sterling silver wrap-style ring features an exquisitely cut 11mm x 13.5mm clear quartz and hematite doublet stone. Band tapers from 4.8mm-1.7mm. Available in whole sizes 6-9.

.925 Sterling Silver 


The History of Hematite

  • Takes its name from the Greek word for blood
  • Used as a mirror, pigment, war paint, and to adorn tombs
  • Associated with magic, blood and protection 

The blood-red pigment of precious Hematite speaks to its incredibly high iron content. The Ancient Greeks were obsessed with this stone, and they named it Haima, which in the old Latin tongue is the Greek word for blood. A pleasant weight in the hand, and shot through with metallic shades of silver, Hematite has the same luster and vibe as a midnight sky littered with stars, maybe on a night when the planet Mars is glinting.

Throughout history, Hematite has been known as a stone of great healing power and also for its ability to serve as a protective cloak. The Iron Rose as it was sometimes called has long left an impression on the earth. Far back in history, the stone was considered to be an early form of a mirror thanks to its reflective sheen. It was also ground down into powdered pigment for artists – even used by prehistoric man for etching his ideas on the walls of caves. It was smeared onto the faces of Native Americans and used as war paint. In its full form, Hematite adorned the tombs of the pharaohs. As you can see the spanning history covers everything from art to elite status and the powers of protection. It’s been an incredible part of our history.

Hematite is harder than your average crystal, it's dense and heavy and comes from the depths of South Africa and the warm-blooded lands of Brazil. It is also found in the winter wonderlands of French-speaking Quebec around the shores of Lake Superior. It can also be plucked from the snowy peaks of Switzerland. 

For three thousand years, Hematite has been associated with magic and blood. It was used to prevent excessive bleeding in both the birthing bed and the battleground. It was worn by farmers and magicians to protect against curses and spells, and it’s always been a stone that keeps the wearer well and truly grounded. For those who want to dig deep into the healing properties of Hematite, keep reading.


Physical Healing Properties

  • Good for circulation
  • Helps with blood pressure and heavy periods

With a rich past and a high iron content that has long kept Hematite connected to the blood, it comes as no surprise that Hematite is considered to be one of the best stones for amping up healthy circulation in the body. If you have high blood pressure, clots, heavy periods, or any kind of health issue connected with blood flow, this is a stone you need in your life. Hematite keeps your tissue in tip-top shape, it makes sure you can properly absorb all your nutrients, and it detoxifies the body (along with the mind and soul).

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Brings strength 
  • Protects from negative energy

Hematite is a strength bringer - it’s a Stone for the Mind. If you often find yourself at the mercy of other peoples bad moods and vibes, then Hematite is ever ready to step in and make sure that you don’t become a sponge for negative energy. For those who are high empaths, Hematite is an incredible investment. It somehow manages to kickstart our survival instinct and is all about infusing us with courage, willpower, and confidence enhancing abilities.

For those who sometimes feel like they live life a little on the timid side, Hematite is here to give your self-esteem a hearty boost. This new strength of character can help you to overcome all kinds of things. Addictive behaviors, poor patterns, and being a people pleaser – all these traits can be thrown out the window when Hematite comes in.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Connected to the root chakra
  • Balances yin and yang energy

A strong rooting stone, Hematite is connected to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our base chakras are where our confidence, belief in self, and feelings of security sit. When these are activated we feel unshakable which helps us to make decisions that are in complete alignment with our own souls. Hematite is also celebrated for its yin-yang balancing out. The stone is able to both the spiritual and the physical nervous system and merge them into beautiful balanced alignment.

Meet Me At The Met! Ring
Meet Me At The Met! Ring

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