3pc Wood and Stone Style Asst Set by TOGNANA #bestseller

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Advanced 3rd Generation Ceramic Coating Non-stick Cookware set – Induction Ready, Non-Toxic PFOA Free

Made in Italy

3pc Wood and Stone Style Asst Set: (1) 9" Frying Pan + (1) 11" X 11" Grill Pan + (1) Bamboo Tong. Dimensions - length: 18.90", width: 11.42", height: 4.33", weight: 1.76lb.


The details....

Ceramic cookware coating does not contain harmful chemicals like:

1. PFOA – stands for perfluorooctanoate, which is a synthetic substance that can lead to some diseases like diabetes or other chronic renal problem. It should definitely not be used when cooking for small children.

2. PTFE – stands for polytetrafluorethylene and it may usually be found in Teflon cookware. At temperatures over 680 degrees, it can spread harmful chemicals that can put our health in danger. Even at low temperatures like 560 degrees, F pans that contain this chemical can release toxic substances.

3. Cadmium – this is a heavy and extremely harmful metal. If one exposes himself to cadmium for a long period of time it can develop fever, pain in the muscles, edema, pneumonitis, bronchitis. To little children, cadmium can cause brain diseases.

4. Lead – is similar to cadmium and is also very harmful especially for children under 5. Long exposure to lead can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, stomachache, insomnia, discomfort and, even more, nerve damage, hearing or vision atrophy. However, there are also some ceramic pans and pots that contain small quantities of lead. In some states, there are rigorous rules in what concerns the maximum acceptable level of lead in pans and pots or other similar products.

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